The Voice Final Season 22 Voting and Winner

The Voice Finale Season 22 Top 5 Contestant is bodie, Omar Jose Cardona, Brayden Lape, Bryce Leatherwood, Morgan Myles.

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The Top 5 have been made known, and The Voice Season 22 finale is quickly approaching. Time to select a winner. The finalists will perform one more time for the audience to cast their votes the following week. Who will prevail, though? Here are our predictions for The Voice Season 22’s victor, covering both who should and who will win.


The Top 16 contestants from Season 22 of NBC’s singing reality series The Voice 2022 made it to the Live Shows. These 16 competitors will now engage in LIVE playoff competition for judges’ and audience votes.


On the basis of the gathered public votes, selected artists will advance in the competition throughout this. Some participants will be placed in the Instant Save Voting Window by the judges. From among them, one will return to the competition and advance. See the specifics and instructions for utilizing the Instant Save voting technique below.

How to Cast Your Vote in Instant Save

An Instant Save window will be revealed on-air throughout the program with the performers during each episode with a save. Utilizing The Voice App and, you may vote for those competitors. 5 minutes will pass after the Instant Save window is declared on-air.


At 8 p.m. ET during the ET/CT broadcast of The Voice, The Instant Save becomes available for all time zones. Viewers in all 50 of the United States, including Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, can participate in this voting.


Warning: Each Instant Save voting session allows for a maximum of 1 vote submission.

Episode 24 (Monday, December 12)
CoachArtistArtistry SongDedication SongResult
Blake Sheltonbodie"Late Night Talking""Gratitude"Runner-up
Camila CabelloMorgan Myles"Total Eclipse of the Heart""Girl Crush"Third place
Blake SheltonBrayden Lape"Wild as Her""Humble and Kind"Fifth place
John LegendOmar Jose Cardona"Somebody to Love""The Way You Make Me Feel"Fourth place
Blake SheltonBryce Leatherwood"T-R-O-U-B-L-E""Don't Close Your Eyes"Winner

Who are the top 5 contestants from Season 22 of "The Voice" Show?

Let’s start by looking at the Top 5 contestant of the voice who are qualified. Team On Tuesday, December 6, Bodie, Brayden Lape, and Bryce Leatherwood all advanced to the finale, giving Blake Shelton a perfect score. Morgan Myles of Team Camila Cabello finished in fourth place. The last contestant was Omar Jose Cardona, who won an Instant Save sing-off against Justin Aaron of Team Gwen, Kim Cruse, and Parijita Bastola of Team John Legend.


The placement of Brayden and Bryce over anybody in the bottom four infuriated many The Voice viewers, who were upset by these outcomes. Given that Bryce has a wholly country sound and that many The Voice voters appear to be country aficionados, it’s not altogether unexpected that the public chose Bryce.


The fact that Brayden defeated Omar, Justin, Parijita, and Kim is, however, a tougher pill to stomach. Yes, he is talented and charming, but his voice lacks the maturity of the other contestants in the bottom four. Whatever the case, here we are.

Who will win Season 22 of "The Voice"?

It’s hard to make a firm prediction for The Voice Season 22’s victor at this time. Three of the five finalists are members of Team Blake; although I’m not an expert in probability, it appears like Team Blake has a better chance of winning. Bryce will probably win if the vote is more in favor of the country. Compared to Brayden, he seems to have more supporters, and many viewers can already envision themselves tuning into Bryce’s radio show. Since the beginning, even Blake has forecast Bryce as a finalist and perhaps champion.


Bodie stands a high chance of succeeding as well. If supporters of Team Blake really are casting their ballots just because they admire Blake, then Bodie has a chance. He doesn’t sing country music, but he has one of the season’s most distinctive voices. Bodie’s performances have been praised by Blake as some of the greatest he has ever heard.


Following the results disagreement, several supporters said they would cast their votes for Omar to join Tuesday night’s bottom four. But will that be sufficient for him to triumph? Perhaps, but perhaps not.


He still has a shot, in my opinion. In essence, it would need vote splitting on Team Blake and two very outstanding performances from him that evening. Perhaps John should launch a serious social media effort to get votes. He’s undoubtedly the underdog, but he’s a fierce competitor, so who knows,” a supporter commented in a Reddit thread on Omar.


It will be quite difficult for him to overcome anyone from Blake, barring vote splits and him edging someone out. however, winning? Sadly, there was no chance to overcome Morgan or Bodie.

Who should win in this year's show "The Voice"?

Who do we now believe should prevail? Bodie. His inventive song arrangements, like a slow version of “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” that we had no clue we needed in our lives, have demonstrated his musical talent. He has a similar skill to Ryan Tedder in that he can compose, produce, and sing (Bodie has singles on Spotify with over 1 million streams). Bodie has enormous cross-genre appeal because to his renditions of everyone from Justin Bieber to Whitney Houston. We want him to win and bring the trophy home.


On NBC, the season 22 finale of The Voice will run on Monday, December 12 and Tuesday, December 13 at 8 p.m. ET. On Monday night, viewers should be prepared to choose the victor of The Voice Season 22.

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