The Voice 2023: Episode 2 – Second blind auditions results

The Voice Season 23 Second blind audition and results.

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The blind auditions for The Voice’s 23rd season are currently in progress. View second episode of the this singing competition with Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Niall Horan, and Chance the Rapper .


On Tuesday, March 7th, The Voice blind Auditions will air as second episode of the upcoming season. There will be more candidates showing up for the coaches’ auditions, and the coaches will have to try to persuade the singers to enter their teams.


At the voice blind auditions, singers sing in front of the judges without being seen. Before selecting to turn around and watch the performance, the coaches pay close attention to the performers.


Following this, the competitor must select the coach they want to work with; once the coach takes their seat, the coach acts as their advisor for the duration of the competition.


The blind auditions are an essential component of the competition because they give the contestants their first chance to display their vocal abilities. Blind auditions results can also be utilized as a reliable measure of who will move on in the competition.


The voice Blind auditions for Season 23 already started, and a few deserving candidates have already been selected for the teams. See out second episodes contestant and their performance.

The Voice Tonight Performance and Results

The first performance of this episode is sheer element. Chance was the first judge to press the button for sheer element performance on “Leave the Door Open” .

Kelly liked that they already knew their mood and that they should choose her because she could advise them on the best songs to play. Sheer Element selected Kelly as their captain after a brief meeting.


Carlos Rising’s rendition of “Change the World,” which he was dedicated to his wife despite initially having a thing on Kelly, was the second audition.

 Blake remarked that Carlos was “in his pocket” while performing, making it obvious that he was also playing the guitar, and he enjoyed it. Carlos was chosen by Blake as a member of his team.


Magnus, a choir instructor in the middle school, performed “Sara Smile” before appearing on stage. She is the third contestant of this episode. She is selected in chance team. Because no other judges turn their chair.

“Both Sides Now” was the song Kala Banham chose for her audition in the hopes that it would enable her realize her goal of collaborating with Kelly. By the end of this voice performance Kelly, Niall and chance turned their chair.


 Kelly offered to take Kala at some point throughout the contest since she stated she connected with the song’s theme and believed Kala had a “dynamic” voice. Niall emphasized that he wishes to make a song with Kala and stated he enjoyed the “brittle and delicate” parts of her play. Although Chance remarked that Kala has the most distinctive voice they’ve ever heard, along with “stability and power,” Kala chose to enter Team Niall.


Carson described the night’s final performer as giving “the greatest performances of their entire career” as a special gift to the judges. Jimmy Fallon came out of the closet and sing a song “I Keep Forgettin”


First, Kelly and Niall turned their chairs. As Chance pressed his button, they both burst out laughing. Blake would not press his, so Jimmy left the stage while he was still performing and went up towards him and pressed the button.


 Jimmy claimed that because Kelly turned early, he was an unofficial part of Team Kelly even though he had been over to thank Blake on his 23 seasons on the television program.


Blind Auditions part 3 of voice season 23 will be coming on 13, March at 8 p.m. in this episode new contestant coming and shows their vocal abilities to impress coaches. And then become a team member of their selected coach.


During the third episode of the voice blind auditions, coaches Chance the Rapper, Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan, and Blake Shelton fight to select and become coach the next singer superstar.

Coaches' teams
Kelly Clarkson
Holly Brand
Sheer Element
Allie Keck
Marcos Covos
JB Somers
Rachel Christine Gebel
Cait Martin
Katie Beth Forakis
Chance the Rapper
Jamar Langley
Manasseh Samone
Chloe Abbott
Mariah Kalia
Ray Uriel
Alyssa Lazar
Niall Horan
Ross Clayton
Michael B.
Kala Banham
Ryley Tate Wilson
Jerome Godwin III
Laura Littleton
Kate Cosentino
Tiana Goss
Gina Miles
Talia Smith
Blake Shelton
Neil Salsich
Tasha Jessen
Alex Whalen
Carlos Rising
Walker Wilson
EJ Michels
Mary Kate Connor
Kylee Dayne
Kason Lester
Grace West
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