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11 acts out of 60 total acts have already secured their spots in the finals of "AGT: All-Stars Finale" after filming the first six preparatory episodes.

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11 acts out of 60 total acts have already secured their spots in the finals of “AGT: All-Stars” after filming the first six preparatory episodes. Three hand-balancing sisters, a Detroit youth choir, and an inspiring autistic vocalist are among the contenders. But when will it all come to a close?


In those first episodes, host Terry Crews, judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel selected five Golden Buzzer acts, and the superfans selected their six favorite competitors, resulting in a Top 11.

Final Performances Date and Information

AGT All Stars “Finals Results” on February 27, 2023 — Before the winner is revealed, the finals preview from the judges desk will be held on February 13 and the Final performance will be held on February 20. the Top 11 competitors will perform with A-listers including Terry Fator, Mat Franco, and the Voices of Hope Choir as well as Weezer, Babyface, Adam Lambert, and Lindsey Stirling.

AGT: All Stars Finale Contestant

America’s Got Talent: All-Stars debuted formally at the beginning of the year. This new program will include 60 bands from past seasons of AGT and Got Talents from around the globe. Aerialists, magicians, ventriloquists, singers, dancers, and other performers are also discussed.


11 Acts in total will ultimately be eligible. The Superfans will choose the winner during the 2 finales, and the results will be made public after the evening.

AGT: All Stars Golden Buzzer Finalists

  • Light Balance Kids: Mandel gave this dance team, who traveled from Kyiv, Ukraine, to compete in AGT: All-Stars, his Golden Buzzer. A light-up dancing troupe called Light Balance Kids competed on America’s Got Talent in season 14.
  • The Detroit Youth Choir: Which placed second on the 2019 season of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” hasn’t stopped singing since. Terry Crews gave the choir their second Golden Buzzer in choir history.
  • Mike E. Winfield: Simon Cowell gave the stand-up his first Golden Buzzer when he appeared on the AGT stage again after Season 17.
  • Aidan McCann: the champion of both AGT: The Champions and AGT season 13. Aidan became the magician with the golden buzzer of Klum who was the youngest.
  • Tom Ball: Won the golden buzzer when Cowell compared the runner-up on Britain’s Got Talent to that other Got Talent icon.

AGT: All Stars Superfan Vote Finalists

Thanks to the superfans, Kodi Lee now has a chance to bring home a second trophy.

Before Terry announced that Kodi Lee had won the superfan vote, the top 3 acts were named as poet Brandon Leake, comedians Josh Blue, and singer.


  • Power Duo: On the fifth season of Philippines Got Talent, the couple who fell in love won over the Superfans.
  • Kodi Lee: A Superfan Vote was used to choose Kodi Lee. Kodi Lee Fans may recall that Kodi, 26, won the entire competition and wowed the judges and audience during series 14 of AGT, earning the Golden Buzzer from judge Gabrielle Union at the time.
  • Ana-Maria Margean: She received Superfan Votes, young ventriloquist Ana-Maria Margean when the super fan voters decided who they wanted to see in the finale during Episode 5.
  • Avery Dixon: Dixon, who won Terry Crews’ Golden Globe last season and made it to the Top 10, is back in the AGT: All-Stars finale.
  • The Bello Sisters: Inside a startling turn of events at the end of the first episode, the acrobats won the Superfan vote over Terry Fator, the original ventriloquist.
  • Aidan Bryant: During the second week of auditions, Bryant beat off Season 16’s winner and opponent Dustin Tavella to progress to the All-Stars Final.

Who Won the All-Stars Finale of AGT?

Kodi Lee has the best chance of becoming the AGT All-Star winner because, according to reports, he received the most plaudits from the judges. Heidi claimed that, before his performance, she had never heard the audience cheer so loudly, and after it, she declared that he was a true all-star that the show. Kodi will continue to be wonderful, according to Simon, and his performance will always be enthralling.


Second, Tom Ball also had a chance to win the AGT All-Star competition. Once more, the judges’ team stood in applause as the audience cheered behind them. Simon began the reviews by wishing that he had never heard Tom before because it was a surprise and the best performance of the whole series.


On February 27, 2023, the winner will be selected from the 11 finalists. You must watch the AGT All-Star grand finale to find out who is AGT All Star Winner.


Fans are eagerly counting down to the season finale of America’s Got Talent: All-Stars, which debuted at the beginning of January. On the NBC program known as AGT: All-Stars, which has been airing for the past six weeks, 60 talents from different Got Talent franchisees throughout the world have reunited on the stage to entertain the judges. Howie Mandel , Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell.


The AGT: All-Stars trials are complete, but there has been a minor change in the schedule, and viewers will have to wait a little longer until the finals.


NBC is slightly delaying the AGT: All-Stars finale so that it won’t air right after the audition phase.


Aidan Bryant

The “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars” panel of super-fans has crowned aerialist Aidan Bryant the best of the best during Monday’s finale.

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