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The Voice UK

The Voice UK

A multinational franchise of singing competition reality television shows is called The Voice UK. It is inspired by the actual singing competition where four coaches are searching for an up-and-coming musician with the potential to go worldwide. The principle of the program is made clear by the title, which states that the coaches only consider an artist’s vocal abilities when selecting a contestant. This feature sets The Voice distinct from other factual television programs.

Aspiring singers submit applications for the program and attend an open audition. Then, if they are qualified, they will perform a callback audition. But most of this takes on behind closed doors. The show’s most thrilling stage is the next one, which is known as a blind audition. The four judges are seated facing away from the competitor, but they can use a button to spin around and approach the performer if they want to what they hear. In a succession of one-on-one performances, Voice contestants compete against one another. The contestant who performs the best advances while the contestant who doesn’t is eliminated.


After the semi-final and final rounds, where fans can also cast their votes for their favorite competitors, the judges announce the winner.

The Voice UK Season 12 - Full Episode, Voting, Auditions, Semi-final, Finale
The Voice UK Season 12

The Voice Blind Recruiting

Producers’ rounds, blind rounds, battle rounds, knockout rounds, and live shows are the five stages.


Aspiring singers are selected for the competition from open auditions that are held in public and involve active recruitment. The blind auditions are the first televised round, where the four judges—all well-known recording artists—listen to the contestants while seated in chairs and sit away from the audience so as not to see them. If a coach is keen to collaborate with a contender after hearing what they have to say, they can swivel their chairs by pressing a button. The contender chooses the coach they wish to work with if upwards of one coach hits their button. When every coach has a predetermined number of candidates to work with, the blind auditions come to an end. Coaches commit themselves to help their vocalists grow intellectually, musically, and occasionally physically. They also provide guidance and reveal their success secrets.

Twists In A Blind Audition UK

If no turn, no conversations:

Starting with the fifth season, if every coach eliminated a particular contender, they would immediately leave the stage without speaking to the judges, and also the chairs would stay in place. There are currently various other versions that use the format.

Switch for Block:

In the fourteenth season’s blind auditions, the American edition added a new component called the Block button. If a coach desires to capture a particular contender but does not wish another coach to get them, they can turn around and use the reply button to prevent the other coach from getting them. The coach who was blocked won’t know until they hit their red button, at which point their name will appear on the LED floor instead of “blocked.”

Note: One block is permitted every audition, and coaches are only permitted to utilize the block button around once a season.

The Voice UK Semi-final

At 8 o’clock, The Voice UK Semifinals got underway, and all four coaches introduced their contestants on stage.

The Voice UK Final

The remaining four participants finally had their chance to perform in the final after several weeks. The top competitors from each team face off against one another in the competition’s final performance round during a live telecast. One competitor from each team is chosen to be saved by the television audience, allowing the coach to make that decision on live television. The public votes for the last two artists on each team in the following round, and also the coach also casts a vote that counts equally to the public vote.

Finally, only the best competitor from each coach’s team will remain to sing an original song in the finals. A recording agreement and cash will be awarded to the winner of “The Voice,” who will be chosen from all four or five. The Voice is a format that is generally recognized and associated with the Universal Music Group.

It’s time to reveal the Voice finalists after a series of amazing blind auditions, battles, then semi-final performances. In the finals, one of the semi-finalists will be chosen as this year’s winner.

The Voice UK Voting Procedures

Get ready to vote

Before you can vote, you need to be signed in. You can sign in easily.

After completing this task, you will be redirected back to this page seamlessly. If you are currently logged in, you will remain on this page, and you can verify your login status at the top of the screen. Keep in mind, the registration process is a one-time requirement. Your BBC iD will be applicable for each weekly live show without the need for re-registration

You will have the opportunity to cast your vote once all the artists have completed their performances, and the voting period is officially initiated. At that point, navigate to The Voice UK vote page. If you haven’t signed in yet, you can conveniently do so on that page.

The artists will be listed in alphabetical order. Choose the artist you’d like to vote for by clicking the small circular button next to their names.

Scroll down click on the button marked ‘Vote Now’. You have now voted.


In total, 565 singers from 65 different nations and regions have been The Voice, The Voice Rap, The Voice Generations The Voice Kids, The Voice Teens, The Voice Senior, and. The Voice All Stars Each winner receives a record company, a cash award, and the title of “Voice” of their country. Anthonia Edwards as From Voice’s British edition was the most recent.


Where can I view The Voice UK?

You’ll need to access iTV to view The Voice seasons live. If you’re subscribed to a cable TV package that includes iTV, all you need to do is use your cable TV login information to access iTV’s website.

How do I vote in The Voice UK?

After each artist has played and the vote has been proclaimed open, everyone can cast a ballot. Visit The Voice UK voting website when this happens. You can sign in if you continue to need to. Do not forget that you only have to register once. The artists are arranged alphabetically. Click the tiny circle symbol next to the name of the artist you want to support.