The Voice Semi Final Season 22 Voting and Result

The Voice Season 22 Semi Final contestant list and information of all contestant performance of this season.

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The Voice’s 22nd season is about to come to a close. To secure a position in the grand finale, the surviving artists will continue to strive to win over America. Check out the semi-final dates here.


The Voice’s 22nd season is almost over. Only eight singers will compete in the semi-finals to try to advance to the grand finale despite the fact that so many outstanding performers have come and gone. Once more, America will choose the winner of the competition.


Six candidates have already bowed out, including Eric Who and Devix from Camila’s team and Alyssa Witrado from Gwen Stefani’s team, who were among the sixteen contestants to advance to the live events. Blake has three artists left in the competition, which is the most of any coach.


In addition to receiving a financial award, The Voice winner will sign a record deal with Universal. Keep in mind that you can watch the program on demand on PeacockTV and live stream it on fuboTV, which provides a seven-day free trial.

The Voice in 2022 Semi Final​ Date and Time

On Monday, December 5th at 8 PM (ET) on NBC, the eight remaining competitors will perform live in attempt to win America’s vote for The Voice 2022. While waiting, the results will be revealed on Tuesday, December 6, at 8 PM (ET).


Then, on Monday, December 12 and Tuesday, December 13, the conclusion will be observed. As usual, it’s anticipated that additional contestants, notable performers, and coaches will all perform.


Following the coach’s announcement that he would be leaving the program after the current season, this will be Blake Shelton’s last one. Kelly Clarkson will be back on The Voice for the upcoming season, and John Legend and Camila Cabello will be replaced by Niall Horan and Chance The Rapper.

The Voice Semi Final TOP 8 Contestant List Season 22

CoachArtistSolo songWhitney Houston duetResults
Gwen StefaniJustin Aaron"Stand Up""Greatest Love of All"Eliminated
Blake SheltonBrayden Lape"In Case You Didn't Know""I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)"Public's vote
John LegendParijita Bastola"Unstoppable""I'm Every Woman"Eliminated
Kim Cruse"Summertime"Eliminated
Omar Jose Cardona"My Heart Will Go On""Greatest Love of All"Instantly saved
Blake Sheltonbodie"Without Me""I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)"Public's vote
Bryce Leatherwood"If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away""Saving All My Love for You"Public's vote
Camila CabelloMorgan Myles"Always Remember Us This Way"Public's vote

Team Blake Shelton


Blake Shelton stated during Bodie’s The Voice audition that he thinks the 29-year-old singer from California “has what it takes to make the finale of The Voice”.


Bodie has now entered the top 8 on the program, moving closer to that forecast. According to Entertainment Tonight, Shelton declared Bodie’s top performance in the top 10 round to be “perhaps the finest performance I’ve ever seen on this program”. John Legend praised the singer for bringing his own soulful version of the song to the Voice stage, while Gwen Stefani referred to him as a unique artist. Bodie ultimately made the decision to join Shelton’s team, where he has stayed for the duration of his time on the program.

Bryce Leatherwood

Shelton’s team also included Bryce Leatherwood right away. The country singer had three coaches fighting for his attention after giving a blind audition performance of Conway Twitty’s “Goodbye Time”: Shelton, Stefani, and Legend. Stefani, who is married to Shelton, claimed to have a profound affinity for country music despite not being a country singer. Legend commended the “richness” in Leatherwood’s voice. However, the 22-year-old Georgia singer ended up staying.

Brayden Lape

Brayden Lape, who is only 15 years old, faced no obstacles in The Voice competition. During the battle and elimination rounds, the Michigan singer defeated more seasoned performers, and coach Camila Cabello even said that the teen’s voice was “pop record-friendly”.


After Lape’s Top 10 performance, Shelton lauded the young performer for his artistic development and predicted that one day Lape will be “far too talented to ever come back” to The Voice.


Lape’s performance on the program has been particularly amazing given that he accidentally joined Shelton’s squad at the beginning. After Lape’s rendition of Niall Horan’s “This Town” in the blind audition, the country singer was the only coach to turn in his seat. Lape acknowledged that Shelton was his top pick, though. Stefani expressed sorrow about her decision to pass on Lape and vowed to “take” the singer from Shelton’s side if the chance arose later in the competition.

Team John Legend

Parijita Bastola

From the top 8 contestant in the program, Parijita Bastola has a strong chance of winning the competition this season.The singer’s rendition of Alessia Cara’s “Scars To Your Beautiful” for the top 10 round was praised by all four coaches.The 17-year-old vocalist has mesmerized the coaches at every round of the competition. She is the first Nepali-American to perform on The Voice.


In her blind audition for “The Voice”, the adolescent originally won over all the coaches. All four coaches wanted the Maryland vocalist to join their squad after hearing her perform Labrinth’s “Jealous”, which she had just finished. Bastola revealed that her ancestors are from Nepal and that she grew up watching “The Voice” with them, who closed the restaurant they ran every Monday to watch the reality competition show.

Omar Jose Cardona

Omar Jose Cardona’s enthusiastic performance of Journey’s “Separate Ways” earned him a four-chair turn. The 32-year-old singer from Orlando, Florida stated after his performance that he eventually intended to play in a manner that mixed pop with “old-school rock.


Stefani, who has been performing as a full-time musician for 15 years, said of Cardona’s voice, I haven’t heard a voice like that since the ’80s. Men singing like that are seldom heard again. It was so thrilling.


Legend, the first coach to support Cardona, praised the performer’s deep voice and remarked that at times it resembles a church singer doing rock songs. The icon even told Cardona that he thought the singer may win the competition in the end.

Kim Cruse

Kim Cruse, a 30-year-old Texas vocalist, was initially contacted by Legend, but by the time she had finished Daniel Caesar’s “Best Part”, all four coaches were vying for her attention.


Stefani remarked, It was so absolutely lovely that I can’t talk afterward. God has poured an amazing amount of ability into you.


Legend remarked on how natural the performance seemed and that he thought Cruse deserved to go to the competition’s finals. Cruse might choose Shelton and perform on the program, according to Shelton, who noted that he has won the competition with a variety of musicians throughout the years, including country, rock, R&B, and pop. Cruse ultimately chose to join Team Legend nevertheless.

Team Camila Cabello

Morgan Myles

The first musician to sign up with Cabello’s group that season was a vocalist from Nashville named Morgan Myles. According to the Deseret News, coach John Legend called the singer’s country-inspired performance of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” “one of the greatest blind auditions I’ve seen in a long time”. She was awarded four seats.


According to Deseret News, Cabello stated, “I feel like you know who you are as an artist and if you want me to be your coach, I’d love to support you on this path.” I want the best for you, and Blake’s support and assistance in becoming a country musician is definitely a plus. I’d be happy to collaborate with you if you want to forge your own route because you’re neither a country or a pop artist—you’re simply Morgan. Myles soon became a member of Cabello’s crew, where she has been seen the entire time.

Team Gwen Stefani

Justin Aaron

In his blind audition, Justin Aaron took a risk by choosing to sing “Glory” by John Legend. Although Legend declined to offer him a chair turn, he was kind in calling Aaron a “great vocalist”.


As he thanked Aaron for singing “Glory” on the broadcast, Legend remarked, I guess I overanalyze it when someone sings my song. Therefore, don’t assume it’s because of something incorrect you did.


Since Stefani was the only coach to change her mind, Aaron ultimately found himself on her team by default. What the heck is wrong with you freaks? In response to Aaron’s performance, Stefani addressed her other coaches. I don’t see why nobody would do it everywhere. That was amazing.

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