The Voice 2023: Episode 4 – Fourth blind auditions results

Blind auditions Episode 4 for The Voice (2023) Season 23 are now going on.

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Blind auditions for The Voice 23 season are now going on. Look at the 4thupcoming of this singing competition, which features Chance the Rapper, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, and Niall Horan.


On Tuesday, March 14, The Voice’s blind auditions 4th episode of this season will air.


The voice blind auditions of season 2023, in which contestants perform for the judges while the judges’ backs are turned, are one of the most thrilling aspects of the program.


If a judge is pleased with a contestant’s performance, they might indicate their wish to mentor them by pressing a button that causes their chair to spin around. The competitor must select which judge to work with if more than one judge turns their chair around.


Fans can look forward to the voice tonight results with great anticipation since they reveal which singers are the best and who has the best chance of succeeding in the competition. A brand-new collection of exceptional people compete to win the next season of The Voice with each new season.

Voice Blind Auditions Performance

The program began with Kate Consenting’s performance, in which she gave “I Say a Little Prayer” her “own little spin.” When Kelly, Chance, and Niall rotated their seats and noticed Kate’s unique “clown couture” look and proof that she had been practicing guitar alone, they immediately expressed their delight for her. 


Although all three mentors honored Kate, she chose to go with Team Niall and the Irish to emulate the ways of her family.


Track and field star Chloe Abbott paused from her preparation for the 2024 Olympics to perform “How Deep Is Your Love” for the mentors. Chloe joined Team Chance by default because Chloe’s performance was the only one that Chance saw. He described her as having “wonderful breath control” and made comparisons to Anita Baker and Norah Jones.

The day before the voice performance, Marcos Covos had just finished patching up the entire bonds that had been damaged when they learned he was gay. He described his “Tu Solo Tu” performance as a milestone in total assets musical. 


 Kelly was thrilled with his enthusiasm while singing the Spanish song, and she was praised for her voice. Blake posed a question by remarking on the enthusiastic response he received from the audience. Marcos chose to support Kelly because he has been a long-time fan.


Tiana Goss, who initially tried out for season 22, was making a second attempt as the voice performance. Tiana tried to make up this time with “Emotion” since John Legend previously criticized the song she selected for having a “stylistic mismatch.”

 Tiana’s opening notes immediately captured the attention of each coach, but only Niall pressed his button. Niall complimented her on nailing the falsetto and glides in tune, advising her she chose the perfect tune to showcase her vocal talents.

Mary Kate Connor had the episode’s last voice performance, singing “Stars,” a song she wrote when she was a small child and was first introduced to “The Voice” on Tv. Kelly compared Mary Kate to Brandi Carlile and praised her for her “lovely and compassionate” opening.


 Although he misidentified her home state, Blake described her voice as “soft and beautiful” and highlighted that she has a distinctively Americas sound. Mary Kate joined Blake’s final team after learning she had access to the two experienced coaches.


The coaches of The Voice season 23 episode 5 are Chance the Rapper, Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan, and Blake Shelton. They struggle to locate and develop a new star singer for the blind auditions the following night.


Season 23, Episode 5 of “The Voice” recap will air on March 20 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. In this episode, new singers come and show off their skills.

Coaches' teams
Kelly Clarkson
Holly Brand
Sheer Element
Allie Keck
Marcos Covos
JB Somers
Rachel Christine Gebel
Cait Martin
Katie Beth Forakis
Chance the Rapper
Jamar Langley
Manasseh Samone
Chloe Abbott
Mariah Kalia
Ray Uriel
Alyssa Lazar
Niall Horan
Ross Clayton
Michael B.
Kala Banham
Ryley Tate Wilson
Jerome Godwin III
Laura Littleton
Kate Cosentino
Tiana Goss
Gina Miles
Talia Smith
Blake Shelton
Neil Salsich
Tasha Jessen
Alex Whalen
Carlos Rising
Walker Wilson
EJ Michels
Mary Kate Connor
Kylee Dayne
Kason Lester
Grace West
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