Masked Singer Season 9: Episode 5 – Sesame Street Night

In The Episode 5, Jackalope and Fairy square off to determine who advances and who is revealed. It is Sesame Street Night.

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Popular singing reality show The Masked Singer has a captivating concept. Many renowned business figures and celebrities will appear on this television program. They would come on stage performing in an effort to grab the audience’s attention while donning a range of bizarre outfits that conceal their identities.


There will also be three candidates’ 90-second singing performances in every episode of The Masked Singer 2023. They will cover their origins while presenting for the panel and the audience, giving the public conflicting ideas about who they are.


In The Episode 5, Jackalope and Fairy square off to determine who advances and who is revealed. It is Sesame Street Night.


Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, and other recognisable Sesame Street characters make special cameo appearances in this episode. In fact, singer-songwriter Jennifer Nettles will be a guest panellist, which will be exciting for viewers.


There are many of to come in this episode , so let’s see who are contestant of the tonight episode!

Contestant Performance

Beginning with the winning performance from the previous episode, Squirrel sings “Just the Two of Us” by Grover Washington Jr. and Bill Withers. Jenny admires Squirrel’s confident demeanors and the sound of her voice.


 She giving her another hint such as Damir, a young child, walks out to talk to Elmo .  Later, she admits that she might have collaborated with Ken multiple times.


Fairy is the next. Linda Ronstadt’s “You’re No Good” is being sung by her. Her pleasant voice is making the panellists nuts. She’s “smooth and sensuous,” according to Robin. Jennifer is certain that Fairy has performed on stage before. 


She added her hint such as Cookie Monster takes out a plate that reads, “Endless Love”. “This hint should be pleasant to your ears,” the fairy continues.

Today’s last performances performer is Jackalope. The song being sung by Jackalope is “Whenever, wherever” by Shakira. She genuinely has a voice quite similar to hers and exudes confidence while performing on stage.


The performance was “electrifying,” tells Nicole. Next, Jackalope admits that she once went out with Nicole. The Count then takes out a sign saying, 30 under 30.


And the live audience has voted with their conscience, and tonight Squirrel will be the first person to reveal their identity.


The panelists make their final guesses. The time has come for Squirrel To expose who.


However, Squirrel’s identity is disclosed, and it turns out to be actress and model Malin Akerman! Jenny’s guesses were correct.

Masked Singer Battle Royale

It’s time for Battle Royale of episode 5 between Fairy and Jackalope. They each gave Imagine Dragons’ “On Top of the World” their own unique interpretation. Although it’s a tough contest.


Everyone casts a vote and  the panel decides that Fairy should be  winner of this masked singer battle.


The panelists give their last-minute theories before Jackalope reveals his identity:  Jackalope begins to take off her cover to expose herself as singer and actress Lele Pons.


She is a social media sensation! Robin and Nicole guess correct. “Sesame Street Night” is now complete. Fairy will go to the next episode of the masked singer season 9.


With the new performance and new judges, masked singer season ninth’s episode 6 will arises on 22 March 2023, at 19:00 EST. and the episodes theme is a country night.

In this episode new singers join the competition and they compete against today’s  winner fairy.

And two competitors’ identification will be made public. The mysterious in the upcoming episode will be enjoyed by all viewers. Compared to this episode, next episode of the masked singer will go higher.

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