Masked Singer Season 9: Episode 2 – ABBA Night

The Masked Singer’s 2023 season, “ABBA Night,” is devoted to classic pop, rock, and dance songs. The previous winner, Medusa, will compete against two new, well-known singers in this episode.

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The long-running singing reality shows The Masked Singer has a unique concept. Several well-known celebrities and businesspeople will compete on this television show as participants. They will appear on stage wearing various special outfits to cover up their identities and perform to attract the audience’s attention.


Moreover, three candidates will sing for 90 seconds in every episode of The Masked Singer. They will cover their identification while singing for the crowd and panelists, sending mixed signals to the public about who they are.


The next episode of The Masked Singer 2023 season, “ABBA Night,” is devoted to classic pop, rock, and dance songs. The previous winner, Medusa, will compete against two new, well-known singers in this episode. Songs like “Dancing Queen” and “Fernando,” as well as others, will be popular with the public.


Plenty remains to come, including French Hen, Night Owl, and Rock Lobster. It will be quite enjoyable.


Medusa, last week’s defending champion, will take the stage first in this episode of Masked Singer.


Medusa is singing “Dancing Queen.” She starts a little forcefully and with a yell, but she calms down before the first line. It’s obvious that Medusa has experience performing and is a skilled stage manager.

The night owl will sing next. She is a skinny, gorgeous bird with exceptional dance abilities. Night Owl declares, “Hang on to your disco lights because it’s ABBA night and this Night Owl is hosting the party,” in her hint option. 


At age 17, she topped the charts and smashed records. She claims that while other diva competitors exist, she is the original pop star and a triple threat. She has worked in theatre, on television, and in films. “Fernando” is sung by her.

Another final performer is the Rock Lobster. He has appeared in films, and television shows ever since we were young. He danced for 15 seconds each day in front of ten million people. For playing jokes, he was dismissed from three different schools. Rock Lobster is performing “SOS” tonight.


The judges and the public have chosen their favorites. The two individuals with the most points will face off in the Battle Royale. The Rock Lobster, who received the fewest votes, will be eliminated first in this episode. 


Yet, the jury offers its last-minute predictions before he reveals his face. Rock Lobster removes his costume to expose himself as a comic and “America’s Got Talent” jury Howie Mandel!

Battle Royale

“The Winner Takes It All” is performed by Medusa and Night Owl in battle Royale episode 2. They both have extremely distinctive styles. While Night Owl tenderly touches each note, Medusa shouts it out as if her life depended on it.


Medusa has won this masked singer battle royale! She has once again shown her abilities. Night Owl is still being praised because it is apparent that her brief appearance on this episode left an impression. The panelists share their closing predictions before she reveals who she is.


Finally, Night Owl can be seen for who she truly is—a beautiful teenage pop icon named Debbie Gibson! Jenny was accurate. In this episode, which is all. Medusa will be on the next episode of Masked Singer season 9.


The third episode of The Masked Singer’s ninth season is titled “New York Night.” The broadcast date for the programe is March 1, 2023.


Two additional participants join the competition, and in this episode, the identification of two of them will be made public.


All the audience members will enjoy the mysteries in the upcoming episode. The performer sings a selection of songs that are deeply ingrained in New York history. This one will go higher than the masked singer’s ABBA Night episode.


The winner of this week’s Battle Royale is Medusa! She has proven herself once again. Applause continues for Night Owl, who clearly made an impact in her short sting on this show.

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