Light Balance Kids, A Finalist On AGT All Stars

Light Balance Kids, a young group of dancers that blend electronics and choreography to present the most astounding performances ever, is one of the competitors scheduled to come back to the stage.

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Mondays at 8 EST/PST, NBC’s super-competition airs. Brings together former winners and tough competitors for an 8-week contest in which 60 artists from across the world compete to be named the greatest of the best.


The first of six in round one episodes of “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars,” which featured performances from 10 of the show’s most popular artists, debuted on January 2. Howie Mandel was handed custody of the Golden Buzzer, a unique button that, when pressed, sends an act directly through to The Finals, in this premiere program. Howie chose Light Balance Kids as her favorite performance of the night after their most recent electrifying invention. Light Balance participated in Britain’s Got Talent’s Season 8, but they were disqualified in the semi-final.


In the two-hour opening, Light Balance Kids stood out. The spotlights are dimmed when the group of (mainly) young dancers performs while wearing lights. Since the group’s debut on “America’s got talent” in 2019, Russian forces have attacked Kyiv, Ukraine, where they are from.

Light Balance kid’s performance:

This group of bright, youthful dancers, architects, programmers, and choreographers is called Light Balance. You become absorbed in the aura of magic, light, dancing, and music and begin to believe what is taking place on stage. Long after they are forgotten, vivid visions of the neon world endure.


The performances by Light Balance are individual tales that aim to inspire audiences to accept the impossibility. New light show genres and styles are being explored and developed by Light Balance. Their equipment consists of illuminating outfits based on that so “Cold neon” – a particular wire that has luminescent material coated on it. Each costume is made using a sophisticated multichannel light system.

What did the judges think of the kids with light balance?

You gave your best performance yet, Simon remarked. ‘Really, a long way.“If there is one performance that defines an All-Star, this was that one.”


Supermodel Heidi concurred, saying, “This was such a fantastic party, so it deserves to be longer.”


For the gesture, Howie punched his golden buzzer and said, “There’s such a beautiful message here.” You travel the world to bring people light from where you are, which is now regarded as the darkest spot on earth. And if there is anything I can do to bring you yet more illumination than you currently have on account of America and AGT: All-Stars, I would like to do so for you.

Light Balance Kids Earn The First Golden Buzzer

Midway through the performance, Light Balance Kids stepped onto the stage and performed a show-stopping piece, which marked a significant turning point. Judge Howie Mandel gave the Ukrainian dancing team the season’s first Golden Buzzer for their energetic performance, sending them directly to the Final.

Which Year Was The Debut Of Light Balance Kids On AGT?

Some of the most impressive moments from all seasons, including the different regional turn of the franchise, will be featured in America’s Got Talent: All-Stars. Light Balance Kids, a young group of dancers that blend electronics and choreography to present the most astounding performances ever, is one of the competitors scheduled to come back to the stage. They debuted on AGT in episode 14, which was in 2019. They were made up of individuals of both sexes and ranged in age from 11 to 13 at the time. The group was founded as a result of Light Balance, an adult dance company that draws inspiration from and uses the same technology in its performances.

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