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In Canada, the Citytv network hosted the reality television program Canada’s Got Talent from 2012 to 2013. The goal of the program, which was modeled after the popular Got Talent format, was to highlight the best and most varied talent in the nation.


Contestants performed for a group of judges as well as a live audience in a format akin to other Got Talent competitions. The contestants on Canada’s Got Talent hailed from various backgrounds and displayed a remarkable spectrum of abilities, including singing, dancing, gymnastics, magic, comedy, and more.


The audience can choose their favored contestant to win the competition by voting for them during the season’s semifinals. Therefore, we’ll talk about the entire Canada Got Talent voting procedure in this article.

Voting Procedures for Canada's Got Talent

There are two free voting options available for viewers to choose and save their favorite performance. Website voting or Smartphone vote:


Step #1: Open the official website in your browser to cast your ballot for your favorite contestants.

Step #2: Create an account with Citytv and join in.

Step #3: Locate the Vote Now banner for CGT and select it.

Step #4: Choose the candidates for whom you want to cast your ballot.

Step #5: To cast your choice, click the VOTE button.

Step #6: Voting for Canada’s Got Talent at CityTV.

#Note: You may vote for your favorite performer up to three times per voting window. This time, there are no call, phone, Text, or social media voting options.


A 24-hour voting period is set up for the visitors to cast their ballots for the acts. During this time, you can choose your favorite competitor or act to win.


To exhibit their talents to a large audience, talented people from all over Canada have come together on Canada’s Got Talent, which is an amazing platform. The program has developed into a cherished mainstay of Canadian entertainment over the years, offering a venue for amateur and expert artists to showcase their abilities and realize their goals. A celebration of Canadian ability, creativity, and diversity, Canada’s Got Talent has evolved. Numerous Canadians have been motivated to follow their interests and share their talents with the world as a result of their contribution to the development of an appreciation and expression of the arts.


A forthcoming reality television program called Canada’s Got Talent Season 3 will air its third season. The start of the season is set for March 21, 2023. To view the most recent season, go to CityTV, CityTV+,, or the CityTV app.

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