American Idol Season 21 – Episode 3: Auditions, Part 3

American Idol 2023 (Season 21) Episode 3 Audition Part 3 Full Episode and Results.

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The renowned program American Idol, which invented the genre of singing competition on television, returns for a second season on ABC on Sunday, March 5 at 8 p.m. The evaluators are watching one audition after another.


There will be a final round of audition tapes from Nashville, Las Vegas, and New Orleans. Aspiring pop stars perform their hearts out in the hopes of receiving a platinum ticket to Hollywood, which enables them to bypass the initial phase of competition all through Hollywood Week, or a golden ticket to Hollywood if they shine.

Elijah McCormickHollywood Round
Olivia SoliHollywood Round
Marybeth ByrdHollywood Round
Wé AniHollywood Round
Adin BoyerHollywood Round
Tanner CharlesHollywood Round
Sara BethHollywood Round
Preston DuffeeHollywood Round
Emma BusseHollywood Round
KeelinHollywood Round

American Idol Contestant Performance

Sara Beth The New Orleans auditions start tonight, and Sara Beth is the first candidate. Luke is in love with her and replies, “Yes.” Sarah Beth may not have the necessary desire, so Lionel responds “No.” Sarah Beth is sent to Hollywood by Katy after she breaks the deadlock!


A 21-year-old musician from Hartsville named Preston Duffee credits music with saving his life and helping him place food on the table. He is performing an original song today titled “Something to Write About.” Lionel praises Preston’s songwriting skills after Preston receives a standing applause. Luke was more struck by Preston’s songwriting skills than by his voice. Preston is on his way to Hollywood, but it’s going to be a difficult journey!

Elijah McCormick, an eye doctor assistant from Raeford, North Carolina, is 24 years old. Amazing sound! Before Luke equates Elijah’s style to the delayed Willie Spence, each judge hugs him. Lionel describes it as an experience he would never forget. Katy claims that Elijah’s tale is “just the beginning” as he makes his way to Hollywood.


Irish-born 24-year-old Keelin presently resides in New York. She has a peculiar demeanor and claims that the entire universe is her stage. Keelin is performing an original song named “Don’t Call Me” for her audition. She’s just not a good singer, but it’s still a fun tune. In Katy’s opinion, Keelin has promise and resembles Meghan Trainor. Luke says “No,” but Lionel says “Yes,” so Keelin will go to Hollywood.

20-year-old Vancouver native and performing arts graduate Emma Busse astounds the evaluators by singing “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John. The evaluators would like to see what Emma can accomplish in Hollywood, even though she has some things to “unlearn”!


Los Angeles-born college student Olivia Soli is 20 years old. She takes a seat at the keyboard to perform “Hello,” a classic by Lionel Richie. The judges enthusiastically vote for Olivia to continue to Hollywood after being astounded by her original performance.

Marybeth Byrd, a radio presenter from Armorel, Arkansas, is 21 years old. She is crooning The Steeldrivers’ “If It Hadn’t Been for Love” “with a little touch of pop flair to it.” Marybeth, a young lady from a 300-person small village, is moving to Hollywood! Katy continues, “She’s Number 10.”


A brief video shows Bre, a 27-year-old dueling pianist from Burbank, California, duetting with Lionel on the tune “All Night Long.” The judges dispatch her to Hollywood even though they didn’t get a sense of her voice.

Wé Ani, a singer from Harlem, New York, is 23 years old. Today, she’s singing Demi Lovato’s “Anyone,” and as quickly as she begins to sing, her voice completely changes. Katy’s irises widen in surprise. Lionel calls her “ridiculous” and considers her to be “wonderful.” Hollywood gets a hearty “YES!” from the judges for Wé.


Mikey Burson, a 22-year-old server from Nashville, is stopped from going to Hollywood by Luke and Katy because they think he sounds like a karaoke sensation.


A 20-year-old driver from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, his name is Tanner Charles. Luke comments that he is one of the finest storytellers he had seen. Your gut feeling is accurate. Tanner is moving to Los Angeles.


Music educator Adin Boyer, 22, is from Lakewood, California. Adin will be sent to Hollywood after the court decides to take a chance on him!


American Idol 2023 (Season 21) The platinum ticket recipients are Tyson Venegas, and Kaylin Hedges.

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