Aidan McCann – Golden Buzzer Winner on AGT: All Stars Finalists

Magician Aidan McCann mesmerized the crowd in this week's AGT: All-Stars episode with his magic skills.

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The fourth episode of the first round of America’s Got Talent: All-Stars,” which featured performances by 10 fan favorites, aired on January 23. The judges were underwhelmed by a few of the performances, and a few others might have easily been chosen for the Golden Buzzer, but Heidi ultimately decided to pass the youngster magician Aidan McCann with a single button press.

Magician Aidan McCann mesmerized the crowd in this week’s AGT: All-Stars episode with his magic skills. A fan of the performance, Heidi Klum clicked the golden buzzer for him. This was the season’s first non-AGT performer to win the golden buzzer. Heidi’s choice, however, divided her audience.

Aidan joins Simon’s choice Mike E. Winfield, Terry’s choice Detroit Youth Choir, and Howie’s choice Light Balance Kids in the Finals as the fourth Golden Buzzer act of a season. Simon Cowell dubbed him “Harry Potter” with actual magic powers as he approached the stage.

Magnificent performances and performers who wowed the audience will return on AGT: All-Stars. Aidan McCann, an Irish magician who competed on Ireland’s Got Talent at the age of just 9 years old, is one of the participants scheduled to return. Aidan is among the select few AGT: All Stars participants who have taken part in more than a regional competition. He appeared on season 14 of Britain’s Got Talent.

Performance of Aidan McCann in AGT: All-Star

Terry Crews was called out by Aidan for his most recent magic performance, and he requested Terry to select a superhero name at random from the deck of potential names while donning the same all-gray suit as him. Following the selection of the card, Aidan brought a coloring book to the dais, blindfolded himself, and requested each judge to select one of four colors to color in the cape, shirt, shorts, and legs. The moniker Titan Jr., which Terry disclosed to be the arbitrary name he had selected from the cards, was written across his chest. Then, though, Terry tore off his suit to show that he, too, was donning the same colors as Titan in a superhero outfit.

After calling him a shining star, Heidi quickly pressed the Golden Buzzer on his behalf after listening to her brain. Howie Mandel commented on how unique Aidan is after the segment, and Simon & Heidi agreed.

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