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Simon was forced to use it for comic Mike E. Winfield even though he claimed he wasn't planning to at the time due to Mike's remark.

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On Monday one of the newest members of the Got Talent clan will make a comedic return to the stage to win over the super fans.


TV Line offers an exclusive first peek at Season 17 finalist Mike E. Winfield as he competes on AGT: All-Stars.


Comedian Mike E. Winfield competed on America’s Got Talent in season 17. He came in sixth place out of the leading 11. For America’s Got Talent: All-Stars, he made a comeback.

AGT All-Star highlights from Mike E. Winfield's prior season

In Episode 1701, Mike E. Winfield tried out by delivering a stand-up comedy act. He advanced to the following round after receiving all four judges’ “Yes” votes. During Episode 1716’s Semifinals, Mike E. Winfield performed a stand-up comedy set. In Episode 1717, he gained enough votes to pass Lee Collinson and make the Top 5 of the evening, as well as pass Merissa Beddows & Jack Williams to make the Top 3. Instead of Lily Meola, he and Metaphysic made it to the Finals. With assistance from the Season 17 comedians that were booted from the show, Mike E. Winfield delivered “The Roast of Simon Cowell” for the finale in Episode 1721. He was eliminated from the competition instead of  Drake Milligan. after failing to garner enough votes to make the Top 5.

Mike E. Winfield AGT All stars performances

The third initial round episode of “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars,” which featured a performance from 10 fan choice artists, aired on January 16. The Golden Buzzer, a unique button that when pushed sends an act directly through to The Finals, was awarded to Simon Cowell in this episode. Simon was forced to use it for comic Mike E. Winfield even though he claimed he wasn’t planning to at the time due to Mike’s remark.


Mike joins Terry’s choice Detroit Youth Chorus and Howie’s choice Light Balance Kids in The Finals as the third Golden Buzzer act of a season. They will also face off in that final round against Bello Sisters, Aidan Bryant, & Avery Dixon, the acts who advanced based on superfan votes.


And even though Howie Mandel has offered Mike a job vacancy, the comedian had been too busy to take it up, it was Simon Cowell who had complimentary things to say about him.

What happened when Mike received the golden buzzer?

The British wit informed him, “If you had performed that act in the finals, it could have been an entirely different scenario because you’ve come back funnier and more self-assured, and I can see it in your eyes how much means to you right now.


I’ve done this for almost 20 years, and when you eventually get a platform, there’s no time to take off or throw on brakes, Mike retorted. I’m here to have fun.


Mike’s hard work and attitude impressed Simon, who said, “You know what, Mike? I just adore competitors. Although I didn’t plan to, I’m willing to do it.


The Golden Buzzer was pressed by Simon, propelling Mike E. Winfield directly to the conclusion.

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