AGT: All Stars Auditions Episode 3

AGT All Stars Audition Episode 3, All Stars 2023, AGT Lineup for Week 3: There will be 10 more competitors in the following episodes.

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A brand-new spin-off series called America’s Got Talent: The Next Generation will debut alongside one of NBC’s most-watched reality competition shows, America’s Got Talent (AGT) – All-Stars.


All Stars 2023, AGT Lineup for Week 3: There will be 10 more competitors in the following episodes. Half of the 60 acts that were selected to play and have a chance at participating in the finale will have been showcased by the end of this week’s episode. Avery Dixon, a fan favorite, and Terry Crews Gold Buzzer, comedian Mike E. Winfield, & acrobat Viviana Rossi are among the season 17 performers on this week’s bill. Dance Town Family, an AGT 2020 competitor, will finally perform live.

Avery Dixon

Avery Dixon is the underdog because no musician of any sort has ever won the tournament. He lost the race. The Mayyas, a dance group, won the award. Instead, his mother Lisa, and brother Cortez deceived him into giving a fake performance, which they then submitted as a taped audition for “America’s Got Talent.” The solo saxophone, who is 21 and from Atlanta, is the first person ever to appear on the program in its history, let alone be the first to go to the finals. At America Got Talent Season 17, the judges gave him a Golden Buzzer.

Bir Khalsa

The Punjabi group “Bir Khalsa” dazzled the judges of America’s Got Talent with their risk-taking performance. The second round has already been passed by them. Two people make up the group: Kawaljit Singh and Jagdeep Singh. With a height of 7 feet 6 inches, Jagdeep Singh is indeed the tallest police officer in the world. Additionally, the gang three out of four Guinness Records for smashing the most coconuts while wearing blindfolds. Additionally, the ensemble won Season 2 of Colors’ India’s Got Talent.

Captain Ruin

The knife thrower Captain Ruin performed in the same Australian Got Talent season as Kristy Sellers, who finished in second place for AGT season 17. In the end, the multimodal pole dancer took home the title. A Golden Buzzer allowed Captain Ruin to reach the final, but after the semifinals, he mysteriously withdrew.

Dance Town Family

This dance team competed on America’s Got Talent in Season 15. They lost in the Quarterfinals but returned as a Qualified in the Semifinals before losing once more. In America’s Got Talent All-Stars, they made a comeback.

Dustin's Dojo

A comedy karate duo of Season 9 of NBC’s America’s Got Talent, Dustin’s Dojo was eliminated during the judgment round. For America’s Got: All-Stars, the trio came back.

Keiichi Iwasaki

A Japanese magician that competed in Britain’s Got Talent’s 15th season semifinals is Keiichi Iwasaki. He was awarded the Golden Buzzer by Ant & Dec. At the moment of his audition, he was 49 years old.

Keren Montero

Keren Montero Mendoza debuted on Dominica’s Got Talent. She captivated the judges’ hearts during her auditions with her performance of the gospel song Rise. Additionally, she was awarded the prized Golden Buzzer following her audition, which advanced her to the next round. American Idol contestant Keren Montero Mendoza, 16, sings in the Christian category.

Mike E. Winfield

Mike E Winfield is the most well-known candidate who might be the AGT 2022 champion. He is an AGT participant and finalist. A well-known actor, comedian, media personality, influencer on social media, and star of reality shows is Mike E. Winfield. Nearby Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States, is where American Idol finalist Mike E Winfield was born.

Peter Antoniou

During Season 16 of America’s Got Talent mentalist Peter Antoniou performed. In the Semifinals, he was defeated. For America’s Got Talent All-Stars, he made a comeback.

Viviana Rossi

An aerialist of season 17, Viviana Rossi will be on AGT: All-Stars. Viviana showcased an acrobatic act that began with her in a bathtub as part of her audition; this act has nearly been a staple of all of her routines since then. She then started performing aerial maneuvers to Bishop Briggs’s’ Never Tear Us Apart.

People of every age are encouraged to participate in the America’s Got Talent auditions. The judges evaluate and grade each Act after it has been performed. The judges choose which acts proceed and which are eliminated in each season’s preliminary rounds. Following live performances by candidates, the audience votes to select which talents move on to the next round.

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